Young Alumni Spotlight: Felician Stratmann

Five years ago as an entering freshman, Felician Stratmann was selected as a Carolina Scholar, the most prestigious scholarship awarded by the University of South Carolina. As a graduating senior, Felician was featured in USC's True Scholar magazine and was asked to describe his most transformative experience at USC. Out of all his many curricular and extracurricular achievements, Felician chose to write about his involvement in the Euphradian Society. 

Here’s what Felician had to say about the impact that the Society had on him:

“I find that more than anything else at Carolina, my time here was shaped not by the finance classes I took or the organizations I led, but by my involvement in the Euphradian Society. For more than two centuries, the society has been dedicated to the pillars of virtue and tradition at Carolina, and so it has shaped most profoundly my education, my faith and my values. The time I have spent in its great hall alongside my brothers will stay with me forever as our discussions revealed to me the great hope found in the wounding beauty of this world. Illuminated by the art and literature of mankind, I have come to realize that, above all, we must pursue truth in our lives — formed by faith, thought and virtue. Indeed, the society gave me what otherwise I would have lacked: an education — a glimpse into the human condition and how to approach it. I graduate this school a Euphradian and step forth into the world with eyes open to beauty and a heart open to truth. The society will stay with me forever and will forever direct me toward the life I should lead.”

trey gordnerComment