Euphradian Foundation Hosts Second Annual Debate Workshop

On Wednesday the 14th of January, the Euphradian Foundation hosted its second annual High School Debate Workshop. Growing nearly 50% since last year’s inaugural event, over 140 students and coaches attended from across the state. South Carolina schools represented at the debate workshop included Porter Gaud, Florence Christian School, and Wilson Hall.

Students had the opportunity to practice debate in a fun and stress-free environment. This year, Euphradian Foundation Director, Trey Gordner, added another dynamic to his original curriculum: an Intermediate track. The new track challenged students to form coherent arguments and engage one another on contemporary topics. The novice class continued to focus on instruction in the fundamentals of rhetoric--logic, argumentation, and style--as well as the rule of Public Forum debate. 

Florence Academy students prepare points on a practice debate resolution

Florence Academy students prepare points on a practice debate resolution

 Shannon McAlister, Debate Chair of the South Carolina Independent Schools Association (SCISA), called the event “wonderful.” Students agreed that it was, “a very helpful, exciting, and entertaining workshop,” and one coach wrote that the Euphradian instructors were “the best for explaining the process to students and working with students.” Of the thirteen evaluations completed by attendees, all unanimously agreed that they would return to another event hosted by the Euphradians. 

After strong encouragement to grow the program, the Euphradian Foundation plans to offer a debate tournament for South Carolina high schools in the Fall.


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